Cardiac Rehab

Most People Think Cardiac Rehab is Like a Trip to the Fitness Center for a Good Workout.

Actually, that's only part of it. The Cardiac Rehab Program at Louisiana Heart Hospital combines exercise, education and personalized attention to what you need for the health of your heart.

The Louisiana Heart Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). This certification recognizes Louisiana Heart Hospital as a leader in the field of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation because the hospital offers the most advanced practices available.

Throughout the 12-week program you'll learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes to improve the quality of your life. We'll teach you how to decrease your cardiovascular risk factors, how to properly take the medications you've been prescribed for your heart's health and how to recognize symptoms that require you to get help. You'll also learn healthy lifestyle changes – making wiser food choices, coping with stress, managing your diabetes and even how to quit smoking.

The Louisiana Heart Hospital's Cardiac Rehab Team is made up of Board Certified Physicians, Registered Nurses, Exercise Physiologist, Dietitians, and other health care professionals. We work with you and your family to develop an exercise program designed exclusively for you, addressing specific needs for your recovery.

Our staff is trained to react quickly to any problems that may occur during your rehabilitation program and assistance from our medical staff is immediately available. We will also communicate with your physician during your program about your progress and any concerns along the way.

You will be connected to an EKG monitor while you exercise so your heart rate and rhythm are closely watched. Your blood pressure is also monitored. You will be closely supervised and any concerns about your body's response to exercise or to your medications will be relayed by our staff to your doctors. We also help you learn what you can do to decrease your risk of a future heart problem.

Is Cardiac Rehab for Me?

If you have had any of the following conditions, talk to your physician to learn if you may be eligible to participate in Cardiac Rehab at Louisiana Heart Hospital.

Heart Surgery
Bypass or Valve Surgery
Heart Attack within the past 12 months
Angioplasty or a stent placed in your heart
Heart or Heart Lung Transplant
Stable Angina
Stable Heart Failure

For further information or assistance contact Louisiana Heart Hospital Cardiac Rehab, 985-639-5196 or 985-847-5632

What do I need to do before exercise class?

Dress in loose fitting clothes and shoes with good support. Do not smoke or drink caffeinated beverages two hours prior to exercise class. Nicotine and caffeine can increase your heart rate. Make sure you eat 1-2 hours before your exercise class. Take all medications as prescribed by your doctor.

What kind of exercise will I be doing?

You will be using your larger muscle groups of the arms and legs to gain more endurance and strength. This is called aerobic exercise. We'll select a special group of exercises on machines that best suit your needs. You may exercise on a treadmill, elliptical trainers, recumbent stepper, airdyne bicycle, or use free weights.

How Long Will I have to Attend Cardiac Rehab?

Most individuals come three times a week for 12 weeks or 36 visits. The length of the program is based on your own rate of progress and can sometimes be limited by insurance coverage.

How Much Will My Insurance Cover?

Most insurance providers have coverage for Cardiac Rehab services. We will check with your insurance company and let you know your exact coverage before you begin.

For further information or assistance contact Louisiana Heart Hospital Cardiac Rehab, 985-639-5196 or 985-847-5632