Heart Care

Louisiana Heart Hospital is Dedicated to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease.

As the region’s leading facility specializing in cardiovascular care, we give patients access to the most advanced medical technology and treatment options available – while also providing services that focus on their individual needs. By providing the best patient care delivered by accomplished cardiovascular experts, we are able to achieve better outcomes for patients and their families. Because heart disease is the nation’s number one killer, we understand that patients and physicians want new and better ways of healing – and that is exactly what Louisiana Heart Hospital delivers.

Our cardiovascular specialists provide healthcare services and treatments related to the following:

We provide a comprehensive range of cardiovascular services utilizing modern facilities and technology that is second to none. Our services include four state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization labs, an electrophysiology lab, specialized surgical suites and a cardiac rehabilitation program. It’s all part of our commitment to reinventing the way cardiovascular care is delivered by providing the most effective diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care possible.

    Prevention and Awareness

    Louisiana Heart Hospital is committed to educating the public about the prevention of heart disease. We’re here to help fight heart disease and keep your heart healthy.

    Know the Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

    • Chest pain or discomfort
    • Discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach
    • Shortness of breath
    • Cold sweat
    • Nausea
    • Lightheadedness

    If you experience any of these signs, call 911 immediately.

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    HeartSaver CT is the ultimate heart attack risk assessment tool. Fast, safe and totally painless, it can often detect heart disease years before you have a symptom. You can schedule a HeartSaver CT by calling 985-690-7676.