Spine Care

Combining Orthopaedic and Neurologic Expertise - Offering the Most Advanced Treatment Options for You.

Louisiana Heart Hospital Spine Specialists treat the entire musculoskeletal system.  With board certified orthopaedic surgeons, neurospine surgeons, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists (Physiatrists), as well as a certified manual physical therapists on staff, the spine specialists are able to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to total musculature health.

Our experts treat diseases and injuries of the muscles, bones, joints and spine while striving to maintain the most technologically advanced and safest treatment options.  A state-of-the-art facility, LHH offers the latest in surgical and non-surgical treatments and physical therapy.  

Because each patient’s condition is unique, we help you to make an educated choice to have surgery or to pursue more conservative methods of pain management.  Surgery is recommended only after all conservative treatment options have been exhausted.  In all cases, we strive to meet our goal to restore maximum health and function as quickly as possible...with the least risk.

From minimally invasive orthopedic and spinal procedures to highly complex joint replacement, our team of experts assess and treat a wide variety of medical conditions to help relieve pain and allow patients to return to normal activities.

Our spine specialists provide healthcare services and treatments related to the following:

  • Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

  • Many advances have been made in the last decade, reducing patient fear of surgery and greatly diminishing disruption of lifestyle.  Louisiana Heart Medical Group Spine Specialists have incorporated Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery into its practice, including per-cutaneous discectomy, posterior spinal instrumentation, and endoscopic spinal fusion.  These surgical options are giving patients a much quicker return to normalcy, often up for dinner and walking back into their own homes by the next day.

  • Artificial Disc Replacement

  • Artificial Disc Replacement has been added as a great alternative to spinal fusion in many cases, allowing for a much quicker recovery time, without the need for rods and screws.  The potential impact of the artificial disc technology is the prevention of future surgeries.

  • Total Joint Replacement

  • Total Joint Replacement (TJR) is one of the safest and most successful types of major orthopaedic surgery.  Reserved for patients who are no longer managing well with conservative treatment, TJR is a surgical procedure in which arthritic or damaged parts of a joint are replaced with an artificial joint treatment.  TJR has been shown to dramatically relieve pain and improve function, with our expert rehabilitation team work with you to coordinate therapy and your return to normalcy.

After developing an individualized treatment plan for each patient, our team members work together to provide the highest level of care while guiding the patient through every step of treatment – from surgery to rehabilitation, discharge, and follow-up care. And with private rooms and inpatient rehabilitation services, patients benefit from receiving comprehensive care in a comfortable environment.